ELPADPROPERTIES also provide such ancillary services as;

  • Alternative energy,
  • Waste management
  • Security services,
  • Logistics services


At ElpadProperties, we Design, Implement and Manage (DIM) Sustainable Alternative Energy that is cost effective, efficient and reliable. These include but not limited to solar energy,  MTG, wind source, etc.

These are all scalable to meet each clients demands at International Standards.


We provide services such as waste and refuse collection and hauling, amongst other related services. We ensure that we abide by the rules and regulations guiding the industry and only hire experienced personnel on our team to handle our waste collection and management services.


Part of our goal is to guarantee that moving homes is a stressless and efficient process for you. Therefore, our model logistics service offers to support your domestic logistic needs, with emphasis on security and safety of your properties to support all your logistics needs ranging from domestic to industrial; local to international demands. We are driven by the passion to ensure a timely, safely and secured logistics services delivery at all levels. Our fulfilment lies in the full satisfaction of our clients at all times.

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